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Zminj is a small town in the central Istria which in prehistoric times was inhabited as a fort. The town is surrounded by natural beauty, meadows, vineyards, fields and forests. Zminj has a very good geographical position, as it is well connected with all parts of Istria, the coast and the interior.

This area has Mediterranean climate with warm and sunny summers and mild winters.

Zminj is known for agritourism with original Istrian cuisine and unspoiled nature in which the most popular activities are hiking and biking. Visitors to the area can visit a number of landmarks: churches, cemeteries chapels and frescoes. Except for agritourism, this area is also interesting for the development of selective tourism (cultural tourism, religious tourism, scientific tourism, recreational tourism).

Vodnjan is a small town in the southwest of Istria, which in Roman times was called Vicus Attinianum. The town has medieval appearance, and is the site of many churches: the Parish church of St. Blaise with the tallest bell tower in Istria, where the mummified bodies of saints are kept, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Church of St. Jacob, Church of St. Catherine and Church of St. Mary Traverse. One of the features of this area is kazun, a round field buildings that was built in the drywall technique, from natural stone and without windows, which was used as shelter and a storage for tools, and which marked the land ownership.

The soil and climate of Vodnjan have always been very suitable for agriculture, especially olive and vine growing, so Vodnjan is famous for its wines and olive oil.

Municipality of Vodnjan is known for its small villages Barban (a fishing village surrounded by sea, vineyards and orchards), Barbariga (known tourist resort) and Galizana - Gallesano (one of the oldest places in Istria, whose residents are farmers, primarily of traditional crops - vines and olives, and are engaged in raising livestock and tourist industry). Vodnjan is not far from beautiful beaches. Residents and visitors of Vodnjana can go to the beaches in Pula, Fazana and Peroj.

Rovinj is a town on the west coast of Istria, which is one of the most important tourist centers of the region. The town was first mentioned at the time of the Roman Empire as Castrum Rubini, which was located on the site of the present Church of St. Euphemia. Rovinj has a rich history, proved by numerous landmarks: the cobblestone streets, the Renaissance walls, Church of St.Euphemia, Franciscan monastery, Church of the Holy Trinity, etc.

The town is now known for its numerous hotels, campsites and other tourist facilities, the archipelago with many islands, beautiful beaches and numerous activities for tourists and locals (water sports, rock climbing, paintball, etc.).

Lim Fjord near Rovinj is known for fish and shellfish farming and has the status of a protected landscape. Its northern side is suitable for free climbing.

Pula is the largest city in Istria, located on the southwest coast of the Istrian peninsula. The city is more than 3,000 years old. During the Roman Empire, the city was known as Colonia Pietas Iulia Pola, and many monuments and landmarks today remain from that time: Amphitheatre, Triumphal Arch, Augustus Temple, the Twin Gate, etc.

The city is located on the inner side of the bay and well protected harbor. Pula is a well known tourist destination, primarily because of its Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers, the natural environment, clean water, good traffic connections and rich history. The city has a great tourist offer: hotels, apartment complexes, camps, private apartments, marinas, resorts and other.

As Istria is known for its gastronomy - wine, olive oil, prosciutto, cheeses and other delicacies, all these products can be found on the menu of Pula's restaurants and other catering establishments.

Pula`s economy is mainly based on the shipbuilding industry (Uljanik shipyard), manufacturing industries (cement, glass, textile and food industry, construction) and tourism.

Porec is a town on the west coast of Istria, located in the harbor protected by the island Sveti Nikola. The town is almost two thousand years old, when the Roman castrum was built at its location. The old town has preserved the street pattern of Roman castrum, and is known for its two original main streets - Dekumanus and Cardo Maximus.

Porec is the site of many landmarks. The most important and best known monument is the Euphrasian Basilica from the 5th century, which is protected by UNESCO as a protected World Heritage Site.

Today Porec is a well known tourist destination characterized by mild climate, unspoiled nature and beautiful beaches. In the vicinity of the town there are many hotels, beaches, camps, marinas, shopping centers, sports courts, entertainment and recreational activities.

The town offers numerous cultural, sporting, gastronomic and other activities throughout the year, especially in summer when it is visited by tourists accommodated in the area.

Pazin is the administrative center of Istria, a town located in the center of the Istrian peninsula, which is well connected with other parts of Istria.

The town was first mentioned in history as the Pazin fortress (Castrum Pisinum). Pazin has rich history that reflects the history of the entire Istria. It is the site of many landmarks of different cultural periods: Pazin castle, the Parish Church of St. Nicholas, old Pazin Gymnasium, Franciscan monastery, Catholic Seminary.

Below the walls of the Castle is the Pazin Cave, where Pazincica River ends its above-ground flow, and where it continues to flow underground.

Although the town is located in the continental Istria, it is only 30 km from the tourist destinations on the coast. This area is characterized by continental climate with hot summers.

Population of Pazin and the surrounding area is engaged in the agriculture, viticulture, textile industry, and stone processing.


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